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Tupan Drum, 20×15 inches, Bolt Tuned. The tupan is a large two-headed drum that is played with mallets. It has many names depending on the country and region. Other names for the Tupan are Daouli, Davul, Dawul, and Tabl Baladi.

The drum hangs from around the player’s neck, sideways. The left and right heads are struck with two different sticks, the dominant hand holds the thick stick the other hand holds the lighter stick. In this way, the two sticks produce rhythmic patterns of different pitches. These drums are commonly used in folk music at auspicious occasions such as weddings.

This Mid-East Tupan is 20″ in diameter (without including the bolts) and 15″ wide (from head to head). This version is bolt tuned and includes a shoulder strap, tuning tool, and beaters.


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