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Rattan tipper used to play the bodhran.  Several strands of rattan are wrapped, and help tight by a band,  to make one slightly flexible tipper.  Slide off the smaller restraining band and it almost gives a brushed or snare sound.  This beater can be used either way.

The tipper is swung back and forth against the head of a Bodhran to create lively rhythmic patterns.   A tipper is also called a: bone, beater or cipin.

The comfort and grip of each tipper are unique.  You can also expect different sounds from different styles of the tipper.  So try a few different styles!

Note: Each tipper is made from solid wood and hand turned on a lathe.  therefore the profiles of the ends may vary slightly from the photograph.

9.5″ long x 5/8″ in diameter.


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