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18″x 3.5″ bodhran. Primary rhythmic accompaniment for Celtic and Irish music. Contains a fixed goatskin head with logo and a beautiful red cedar frame with a decorative black band. It also has a fixed crossbar in back to help support player’s hand and wrist when applying pressure to head from inside of frame. Includes Tipper

These Red Cedar bodhrans are significantly lighter weight than Rosewood models, allowing hours of fun filled playing.

Our Bodhrans are made in Pakistan; where the native Red Cedar is sustainably cultivated.

The solid wood shells are wonderfully attractive with a very fine, even texture and straight grain. The heartwood is a beautiful reddish to violet-brown color and may be accented by pale yellow streaks of sapwood
Here’s a bit of “Trivia”… The botanical name for Red Cedar, Cedrus deodara, derives from the Sanskrit term devadaaru, which means “wood of the gods” and several Hindu legends refer to forests of the devadaaru. So, purchase one of these Red Cedar Bodhrans, add a bit of the “wood of the gods” to your next musical evening.

The enclosed product insert will give you the basics to get started. Includes a tipper and a tuning wrench.


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