Music has many different meanings. For each person, different experiences, and everybody has its own taste and style in music. Have you ever wondered how different instruments gets us feelings different emotions? Like how the electric guitar gets us more hyped up, as well as the drums and base. But the acoustics guitar and piano is more calming and relaxing. Though some artists can make the piano sound very intense and make drums sound calm. In the past, people used to make music from more neurtal things, like the sound of wind and leave, tapping on things, and other stuff from nature. Music can tell you a lot about a perosn. What they relate to, which area they’re interested in, they’re style and even their feelings and struggles in life.

Music for uplifting our mood

Of course, many people use music for therapy. When a perosn is angry, he will probably put on loud songs, stuff to fit his mood, but then when he will calm down, his choices would be sadder and more soft sounding songs If someone is sad, they may listen to music that matches their situation, something that can make them feel emotional or not so alone. And some would actually prefer to listen to happy upbeat music to cheer themselves up. The reason pop music is so popular is because the song are catchy and uplifting, makes you wanna dance around, and a lot of people want to listen to happy songs. That’s why people use it when shopping, when you go inside a store, most of the time, the music is pop.  

Music and inspiration

At some point in our lives, we were feeling stressed and confused, but we use music to encourage us to keep going, or inspire us to do something we’re scared of doing. It helps us get up when we listen to music we love, and it can very much help us when we’re in a bad place in our life. Background music You probably noticed that when watching funny videos, playing video game, or just anything, there’s a background mood to help us understand what kind of atmosphere we are getting into when watching the video or playing Like how in game when you win something, there’s a fun and loud music, but when lose, there’s a sad tune. Soundtracks in movies is it’s own art form! Creating a scene and a movie and the music is a very important part of the movie. Some of the movies got more popular because of the unique soundtrack is had.

Music with memories

Music and memories are often very linked together. Remembering old songs take us back to the places we were a long time ago. Or when we’re watching a movie, that movie will stick with us also because of the music. Music helps remembering people too, some songs will remind us of people we love and lost contact with, and just a lot of memories that we had with them. Some artists like to include a nostalgic feeling to their music, it bulids atmosphere and helps us relate to the song, as well as remembering beautiful moments.

Body movement with music rhythm

In this section we will talk about dancing. There are various kinds of dancing. A fun rhythm can make you feel like doing a stunt dance or jumping with a stick. If it’s a slow song, you might just feel like doing light movement. It’s all According to the rhythm you hear. What makes us surprised is that when we hear happy music, we feel like dancing. But for some people it may be harder, maybe being too shy to dance. Maybe they will hum the lyrics or lightly tap their fingers as the rhythm goes. As you can see, music has a tone of influence on us as people, and as a community, it gets people together, so let’s share our music and get inspired with all of our friends, because music is always with us.