Mid-East Musical Instrument Manufacturing Sialkot is proud to announce the five-string post-renaissance Baroque guitar. Moreover, the baroque guitar is a unique instrument and popular amongst the people around the world.

Best Quality

Each Mid-East Sialkot baroque has the best quality built for its customers. The guitar consists of 10 strings, a solid body, bridge, fingerboard and neck made from the finest rosewood and lacewood.

Not to mention the solid soundboard, nylon frets that are adjustable and moveable on the soundboard. The wonderful back of the guitar is from the finest blend of hardwood.

Easy Playability

In the first place, the nylon strings on the guitar are crafted in a unique way for a light tension and easily playability. Furthermore, The tuning in the baroque guitar may be different and vary upon the performance of the player.

Fantastic Guitar

Not only but also, each baroque guitar from Mid-East Sialkot is fantastic and a special instrument. Moreover, it comes with a beautiful bespoke 4 layer deep, parchment style rosette and hand-carved decorations. In addition,  each musical instrument from us comes with a padded bag and a spare unit of strings for the customers.

Leading Name and Innovation

Mid-East Musical Instruments Manufacturing Sialkot is a leading name of wholesale selling of the Baroque Guitar in Sialkot and around the globe. In fact, we have worked hard and diligently to gain the trust of our valuable customers. Not to mention,  we have made innovation possible using the best material and the best instruments available in our stores. Moreover, we are famous across the world.

Cost-Effective Rate

In the first place, we at Mid-East Sialkot offer the baroque guitar at the very best and cost-effective rate. Moreover, we assure you of the best quality, reliability, and durability of the musical instruments. Furthermore, we have a lot of folks and traditional and folk musical instruments at our store in Sialkot with exceptional quality.

Not only but also, we aim to provide the best piece of musical instruments to the beginners and professionals. Moreover, to love and spread the music lovers around the world. Furthermore, all instruments at Mid-East Sialkot carry a 1-year warranty with after-sales service at the time of the purchase.

Contact us with any questions on  info@mid-east.com.pk