Tenor Rebec Lacewood Rosewood

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Mideast Tenor Rebec Lacewood Rosewoods is an excellent 3 string instrument usually based on several historic patterns. Moreover, the body is carved from a single block of wood, there is no sound post and it has a thin, nasal, penetrating tone.

String Length: 420mm
1st string-. d – 0.90 – plain gut
2nd string – G – 1.00 – plain gut
3rd string – C – 1.50 – plain gut
Length: 718mm
Width: 163mm
Height: (inc. bridge) 156mm

Moreover, The instrument is supplied in its own hard carrying case and comes with a bow.

We can manufacture these Rebec in other various woods which customer chooses. Please contact and check with us for the woods available.


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