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• 8 playable strings you can pluck for fun • BEAUTIFUL decor piece that makes a GREAT gift • 15 inches tall – perfect for a desk • Handcrafted from solid wood • Tuning tool included • Extra string set included

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8 string Parisian walnut Harp. This is a functional harp, but has a design to be decorative.

This has a stylish design in solid walnut with a spruce soundboard. There simple straight lines of the pillar and softly curving lines of the arm. The carving is very organic giving the appearance of a fiddle headed fern. The effect is a strong bold design and a soft outline.

The harp stands approximately 15.5 inches tall and weighs about 2.5 pounds. The strings range from F two octaves above Middle C to F one octave above Middle C. Includes tuning tool and extra string set.


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