Medium Theorbo Lute Variegated Rosewood Lacewood

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Medium Theorbo Lute Variegated

Medium Theorbo Lute Variegated Back of this theorbo lute is made by Verigated Rosewood and Lacewood Staves.  Moreover, Its soundboard is of spruce wood. In short, Its fingerboard, bridge and tuning pegs are made of Rosewood. Usually String length: 660mm (diapasons: 1040mm). Stringing: 1×1, 4×2 / 9×1, as in the painting, set-up as a Chitarrone Francese. Pitch: e’ e’-b-gd/d’-A/a (Fingerboard) G-F-E-D-C-BB-AA-GG-FF (Diapasons)

Its colour and its alligent style give more look in the instrument. In fact, we have more range of lute instruments. In short, This lute is the identification of mid-east manufacturer who made all the instruments with there hands.


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