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8-Course Lute Righty Rosewood

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This 8-Course Lute Righty  lute features a bowl constructed of 25 scalloped staves and a peg box with lace work. The scale length is 600 mm. Materials: The body is spruce soundboard with 25 staves for bowl. Neck is Rosewood. The soundboard is spruce. Tuning peg are Rosewood. A padded gig bag is included with the 8-Course Lute Righty.

Important Specifications in Inches:

Body/Bowl: 17.5 L x 6.5 W x 12.25 T
Neck at Nut: 2.75 W
Neck at Body Joint: 3.88 W
Nut: 2.75 W
Strings at the Nut: 2.38 W
Strings at Bridge: 4 W
Scale Length: 23.63 L
Recommended Tuning:
G4, D4, D4, A3, A3, F3, F3, C4, C3, G3, G2, F3, F2, D3, D2


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