7-Course Descant Lute Lacewood

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Our 7-course Descant Lute is a beautiful short necked lute. The term, Descant, refers to its size; placing this lute just above the alto lutes. It has 13 nylon strings in 7 courses with a scale length of 19.75″ (500mm). Suggested tuning is: A4, E4, E4, B3, B3, G3, G3, D4, D3, A3, A2, G3, G2.

The body has a classic bowl back fashioned from lacewood staves. There are eight tied nylon frets on a lacewood neck that features a Rosewood fret board. The peg box is beautifully decorated lacewood with Rosewood tuners. The soundboard is made of European spruce with a Rosewood bridge and Rosewood end pin.

Moreover, A tuning tool and extra string set are included. Gig bag sold separately.

We can manufacture these Lutes in other various woods which customer chooses. Please contact and check with us for the woods available.


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