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6 Course Lute Variegated Maple Ebony

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6 Course Lute Variegated

6 Course Lute Variegated Moreover, the lute is enjoying a revival with the development of interest in historical music around 1900 and throughout the century. Additionally, During the early days of music movement, several lutes were built by available luthiers, whose area of expertise was often classical guitars. In short, we at Mid-East have seen a recent global revival in instruments such as the Renaissance lutes. In fact, the Heartland Renaissance Lute is manufactured with best quality tonewoods and top quality strings.

Our 6-course lute model is a right-handed 6-course lute. Body of this lute is made of 13 solid maple and ebony wood staves. Soundboard of this lute is made from European spruce which has a laser engraved rosette. Neck and pegbox of this lute are made for solid maple wood. Fingerboard and Pegs are made of solid ebony wood. These lutes endpin is made from satinwood. This lute has a scale length of 600mm. It has 8 nylon frets and 4 walnut wood frets. Special Aquila nylon gut strings are using on this lute.

Generally speaking, Its colour and its elegant style give more look in the instrument. In fact, we have more range of lute and harp instruments. In short, This lute is the identification of mid-east manufacturer who made all the instruments with there hands.


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