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31 String Round back Harp Rosewood

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Rosewood 31 String Round back Harp

Moreover, the 31 String Round back Harp This Harp is approximately 44″ high. Usually, Featuring 27 DuPont hard nylon strings and 4 wound nylon strings, with full 31 Cam Levers. In short,  Strings are colour coded Red for C and Blue for F. Generally speaking, The range is from F2 to A6. Afterall, it has a beautiful satin finish on the rosewood frame. As well as The solid Spanish spruce soundboard is unfinished for a bright voice. The knee and pillar are positioned off centre to maintain the vertical alignment of the strings. Four solid rosewood feet support the harp.

20 String Sequre Back Harp has a unique style its feature gives it an antique and elegant style. The mid-east manufacturer made all the instrument with there hand.


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