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22 String Sequre Back Harp New-Cam Levers Beech Wood

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Sequre harp 22 Nylon Strings in Beech Wood Flatback features 22 DuPont hard nylon strings, a range from B3 to G6, 22 sharpening levers. It’s a Beech Wood frame and a high quality Finish spruce wood soundboard for exceptional sound and strength. Nice harp, with new style sharpening levers. This is a beautiful natural looking simply finished harp with clean lines. The Natural wood grain and colouring is unique to each harp.

Generally speaking, Its colour and its elegant style give more look in the instrument. In fact, we have more range of lute and harp instruments. In short, This lute is the identification of mid-east manufacturer who made all the instruments with there hands.


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