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20 String Sequre Back Harp New-Cam Levers Rosewood

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Rosewood20 String Sequre Back Harp

20 String Sequre Back Harp Sequre harp 20 Nylon Strings in Rosewood Flatback features 22 DuPont hard nylon strings, a range from B3 to G6, 20 sharpening levers. It’s a rosewood frame and a high-quality Finish spruce wood soundboard for exceptional sound and strength. Nice harp, with new style sharpening levers. This is a beautiful natural looking simply finished harp with clean lines. The Natural wood grain and colouring is unique to each harp.

20 String Sequre Back Harp has a unique style its feature gives it an antique and elegant style. The mid-east manufacturer made all the instrument with there hand.


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