In the first place, Music Therapy is an advanced field of excitement and growth. For professionals in this field, there are opportunities and knowing and removing some common myths about music therapy. Here we are to discuss and debunk some of the myths in music therapy.

Listening to Music as a Therapy

Music is repetitive in nature in music therapy. A normal and typical therapy session is very effective and more active. Furthermore, one has not to rely only on the recorded music but the therapists who are proficient and have the knowledge of instruments they can use it with their voice. Not to mention patients and customers of all ages engage in a music therapy session such as singing, songwriting, and instrument playing.

Working with Children

A fact is that music therapy serves the people from the tomb. Music therapists are present in the childbirth and all the way up to older adults with memory care. Of course and moreover, the therapists serve the children with a variety of needs. Furthermore,  such as developmental disabilities, mental health, physical disabilities.

Not only but also you can find a music therapist working in a variety of things including the schools, residential and nonprofit organizations, and nursing homes.

Music Therapy is Same

Music therapy is different from the music lessons and classes depending on the credentials of the therapist and his or her intent of treatment. Not to mention the goal of the music lessons are typical to learn the skills whereas the music therapy goals and uniqueness are always functional.

Let us go by an example for the patient of Autism here the therapist works with the young one on playing by color on the piano and the goal is to achieve an increasing fine motor and attention skills rather than learning a song or skills of the piano.

Have you noticed some common myths about music therapy? We welcome our reader’s valuable feedback and would like to know more about in the comments section.

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