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Mid-East Musical Instruments Manufacturing Sialkot is a pioneer and leading wholesaler and retailer of musical instruments. It offers and presents you with one of the most wonderful musical instrument from Africa Kalimba.

A unique musical instrument from Mid-East for the music lovers of all kinds with the highest quality and great sound. In the first place, Mid-East Sialkot Kalimbas consists of a broad-based wood soundbox with the finest metallic strings. Not to mention, the beautiful sound creation by Kalimba playing. Furthermore, the important factor at Mid-East Sialkot is it offers multiple types of musical instruments from one website.


Not only but also, Mid-East Sialkot Kalimba is on sale with the offer of a favorable discount for the music school and music lovers. All things considered, it consists of the finest quality of material and carefully handcrafted by Mid-East Sialkot workers.

Wooden Box

Mid-East Sialkot Kalimba is actually a wooden soundbox operation by the hand using the tines. Furthermore, we at Mid-East Sialkot offer you with a wide range of Kalimba at a very competitive price. Not to mention, Mid-East Sialkot is one of the largest wholesale dealer and retailer of musical instruments for many years. Moreover, Mid-East Sialkot a professional, trusted and reliable company in Sialkot.


In the first place, for Mid-East Sialkot it is very important to promote the traditional musical instruments. Furthermore, we offer the best quality of musical instruments on a special discount to promote the music loved by people all over the world. We are always on the move on improving the quality of our Kalimba and it is one of the finest product produced at Mid-East.

Family Owned Business

Mid-East Musical Instruments Manufacturing Sialkot is a family-owned and operated a business with years of excellence. We deal in all kind of musical instrument available on a wholesale in the industry.

Warranty and Refund

Moreover, all our musical instruments come with a 1-year warranty at the time of sale. Furthermore, a money-back and refund are provided within 30 days of purchase after a proper analysis of the defect in the instrument.

In fact, we at Mid-East are always there to listen to our customers and provide excellence in customer support and quality. In addition, you can easily reach us by e-mail by telephone or just filling in the online contact form available.

Mid East Musical Instruments Manufacturing Sialkot Dulcimer Hammer a melodious musical instrument. Moreover, our perfect combination of the finest strings enables to achieve a high quality of sound. In the first place, Mid-East Sialkot is providing the highest quality of Dulcimer Hammer in Rosewood. Furthermore, our finest pair of heart-shaped wooden finest dulcimer hammer is made from high quality of wood.

In the first place, Mid-East Musical Instrument Manufacturing Sialkot is a leader in wholesale and retail of the highest quality of musical instruments in Sialkot. Moreover, the musical instruments manufactured at Mid-East Sialkot are of the highest quality maintaining the class standard of the instrument.


  • The Mid-East Sialkot beautiful hammered dulcimer instruments come with:
  • Lightweight handcrafted design with a heart shape.
  • Easy playability
  • Soft Leather padding
  • Beautiful Rosewood finish
  • Great control for playing and perfect weight

Not to mention, Mid-East Sialkot heart cut shape dulcimer enables the user to create a wonderful style of playing indoor and outdoor. Moreover, all our instrument is a craft experience and we always prioritize customer satisfaction.

Natural Wood

Furthermore, all of the Mid-East Sialkot beautiful dulcimer hammer made from the top quality of the finest rosewood. Furthermore, our instrument proves to be the best quality producing a majestic sound. Not only but also, Mid-East Sialkot rosewood dulcimer is the perfect choice for you to enjoy a wonderful sound. Moreover, with soft padding on the other side, the dulcimer works and feels great. Furthermore, Mid-East dulcimers are custom made and are suitable both the beginners and the professional players.

 Affordable Dulcimer Hammers

All things considered, Mid-East Sialkot offers the best musical instruments are a very affordable and reasonable price. With the perfect and highest quality and a 1-year warranty, the dulcimer is the best choice for music lovers. Operating from our store in Berlin. We can get the Dulcimer Hammer delivered to your doorstep anywhere in the world. Visit our website or you are welcome at the store in Berlin to check and try our best and finest musical instruments.

Customer Support and Feedback

Mid-East Musical Instrument Manufacturing Sialkot offers friendly customer support. Our executives are available to assist and support you in the musical instrument selection and after-sales service. We always value our customer’s feedback and improve the quality of our service. Do write to us with your comments and feedback to help us improve the quality of the musical instrument and service.


You are in search and getting ready to buy Russian Balalaika. We can imagine it is tough and hard to find the best piece of Russian Balalaika in the market. Mid-East Music Manufacturing Sialkot is a leading company with vast experience and has the best musical instruments. Moreover, handcrafted Russian Balalaika crafted under the special supervision of the experienced engineers of music.

Specification of Mid-East Russian Balalaika

Mid-East Sialkot Balalaika is made up of the finest wood with the best standard and quality. Our Balalaika comes in the following specification:

  • Face Deck   Solid Cedar
  • Body           6 sections of the normal typical dimension of Classical Balalaika
  • Neck           Redwood
  • Nut             Rosewood
  • Length        435-450 mm
  • Frets           24
  • Material      Rosewood
  • Mechanics   Metal
  • Plate           Protective High impact Plastic
  • Packaging   Available in Original Mid-East Sialkot Box

Wholesale Dealer of Russian Balalaika

Mid-East Musical Instruments Manufacturing Sialkot is an official wholesale dealer of the Russian Balalaika in Sialkot. You can buy the best Balalaika with the most affordable and relative competitive market price. Our professional workers have the experience and knowledge to craft the best Balalaika for valuable customers. Our Russian Balalaika is the finest when it comes to quality and sound.

Finest Material

Mid-East Musical Instruments Manufacturing Sialkot Russian Balalaika is made using the best material. One of the finest wood is collected and our musical technicians work hard to craft the best musical instrument.

Philosophy of Great Instruments

Moreover, Mid-East Sialkot main philosophy of musical instruments is to provide the best handcrafted musical instrument to the customers. With the Russian Balalaika, we are able to achieve our dreams and become one of the top leading company. Moreover, we produce a wide range of musical instruments from the Irish Flutes to the Bodhran Drums. Furthermore. to the Strings and moving up to the Best Bodhran Drums.

Simple and High Quality

In the first place, Mid-East Sialkot is providing the Russian Balalaika with simplicity and the best quality. Moreover, most of the customers are satisfied with our instrument and enjoy music with perfection. Not to mention, Mid-East Sialkot believes and the top priority is our customers. We always value them and are happy they provide us a chance to serve them well. All our Russian Balalaika comes in with a 1-year warranty upon sale.


All things considered, you can easily get in touch with us through the telephone, e-mail and a call back request option. In fact, just provide in your details in the form and one of our specialist representatives will get back to you shortly.

Furthermore, hoping to serve you with the best service and setting high standards in the music instruments wholesale and retail sector.

If you are looking hard in finding traditional Bodhran Drums. Mid-East Sialkot Musical Instruments Manufacturing is the right place. One of the leading company in the wholesale and retail of the world’s finest piece of handcrafted traditional Bodhran drums. Our musical instrument team works hard to manufacture the finest traditional Bodhran Drums. We offer the Bodhran drums at an affordable and competitive price in the market.

Traditional Drum

Bodhran, as the word says, is a traditional Irish drum made from the goatskin starched over a round wooden frame. Moreover, we believe and can say Bodhran drum is the heartbeat of the traditional and folk Irish Music.

Impressive Quality

Furthermore, the Mid-East Sialkot Bodhran drum is manufactured in the company keeping in mind the impressive quality. It is one of the states of the art musical instrument on sale at Mid-East stores. Moreover, we offer a wide selection of Bodhran drums with a tunable option and offering the best durability and reliability.

Soft and Creative

In the first place, the process of making a Bodhran drum involves creative and high standard of work by professionals. Moreover, our music instrument manufactures using the best goatskin give it a soft and creative look. Not only but also, Mid-East Sialkot has a unique selection of Bodhran drums and our aim is to provide the customers with high-quality instruments with the finest quality and satisfaction.

Synthetic Skin Drums

Not to mention, a unique Bodhran drum from Mid-East Sialkot. Moreover, one of the top-selling instrument in the market. It is from the finest Buffalo skin which offers the best sound quality while maintaining the best standard. Furthermore, It is normally in use by spiritually selected peoples and is well taken around the world.

Natural Skin

Moreover, our natural skin Bodhran drum has an amazing tone and it looks amazing. It presents the same best standard of quality, reliability, and durability. Not only but also, Mid-East Sialkot listens to its customers and today we make a difference in the musical instrument selling. In addition, the Best musical instruments are offered at Mid-East Musical Instruments Manufacturing and we feel proud of our work and instruments.

Why Mid-East Sialkot?

Furthermore, it depends on the preference on the customers to choose the best place to buy their best piece of Musical Instruments. Not to mention, we at Mid-East Musical Instruments Sialkot provide the best and finest piece of Bodhran drums to our valuable customers. Why Mid East is different it is because we are:

  • Wholesaler and Retailer of Musical Instruments
  • Vast Range of Musical Instruments
  • Finest Quality of Musical Instruments
  • Customer-Friendly Service
  • Customer satisfaction and Warranty

Mid-East Sialkot Contact

Feel free to contact Mid-East Sialkot representative and inquire about the best Bodhran drums available. Moreover, we shall be happy to serve and advise you of choosing the finest instrument available at Mid-East Musical Instrument Manufacturing Sialkot.

Mid-East Music Instrument Manufacturing is one of the best music instrument wholesale manufacturing company in Sialkot. In fact, our musical instruments are unique and special and handcrafted. And supervised by our experienced trained musical instrument production unit staff after all.

The Russian Balalaika is a musical instrument from Mid-East Sialkot with a three-string prima hand-painted and with the finest wood with the highest quality. The Mid-East Balalaika is the finest maple and white wood with the valuable species of timber.

Characteristics of Balalaika

The Balalaika characteristics are 3 Frets, 24 neck maple Fretboard, and the benchtop is laminate or a Nutwood Back and side.

Not to mention, Mid-East Sialkot is an official wholesale dealer of Russian Balalaika in Sialkot. You can buy the musical instrument at the very best and competitive prices. Moreover, having a vast experience in manufacturing musical instruments. Moreover. not to mention, Mid-East Sialkot musical instruments are the finest when it comes to quality and customer satisfaction.

Why mid-east Made Russian Balalaika

Not only but also, Mid-East Sialkot manufactures the best Russian Balalaika with the finest and best materials. Not only but also, the main idea of Mid-East is to create the best Balalaika for the music enthusiasts to enjoy the lovely feeling of the best craftsmanship and music overall.

Furthermore, we at Mid-East always hope that our musical instruments give one of the finest moments. Moreover, the customers to love the music with a perfect instrument.

In the first place, Mid-east Manufacturing Sialkot is a wholesale manufacturer and retailer. Furthermore, of simple and the best and wide range of musical instruments in the industry. Not to mention, Mid-east offers the best drums, musical stands, percussion, strings and winds musical instrument.

Moreover, Mid-east Sialkot philosophy and nature for musical instruments is simple and straightforward. In fact, to produce a simple and best style of musical instruments. Furthermore, that satisfies the customers to the highest standards. In the first place, Mid-east Sialkot ensures to the customers. Moreover, each of our product can be enjoyed by its valuable customers ranging from students, amateurs and professional musicians alike.

In fact, our best made musical instruments such as the Drums and strings are elemental and best in their simplicity and quality.
Kindly get in touch with the queries and we at Mid-East Sialkot shall be very happy to assist and help you in the shortest time possible.