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The most famous type of drum is the Unique two-sided Tabor Drum. Mid-East Sialkot as one of the leaders and the wholesale retailer has the best Tabor Drum for you.

Moreover, with two goat skins and a very light frame, the Tabor drum is a first piece of the drum from Mid-East Sialkot. In addition, the outstanding quality of the Tabor drum from us has a tied hemp snare and a classically crafted piece of hemp rope holding the heads in the wooden frame. Furthermore, the frame is  4.5”  and it offers an extra level of adjustable bass.

Finest Goat Skin

Mid-East Sialkot has a different diameter of Tabor Drum to offer. Moreover, we make it from the finest goatskin and our music instrument making an expert craft and process it properly. Not to mention, our instrument is durable, reliable and it uses the best processing technique to produce the finest piece of the Tabor Drum.

Best Sound and Quality

In the first place, the frame of the Tabor drum is light and with the finest and outstanding quality of the goatskin on both side enables to produce the best sound in the drum. Not only but also, our drum comes in with a lot of unique features and on offer at the very best affordable and competitive pricing.


  • Lightweight with enhanced portability
  • Handcrafted pair of quality sticks
  • Durable and reliable for longevity
  • Can be played in a different kind of music

All things considered if you want the finest Tabor Drum with all the above best features. Mid-East Sialkot Musical Instrument Manufacturing is the best choice. We offer our instruments both in the store and online. Furthermore, the instruments come with a 1-year warranty and offer the best quality at the est level.

Pricing Information

For more information on the Tabor drum and other best musical instrument on wholesale offer, you can directly write to us via email.  Our customer support is friendly and offers a valuable piece of advice on your very first purchase.

 Do you need to refresh your old Bodhran or another drum? You can get the best high-quality Drum heads skin from Mid-East Musical Instrument Manufacturing Sialkot. As one of the largest producer and wholesale retailer of traditional musical instruments in Sialkot. Furthermore, we offer you the best pieces of musical instrument and accessories.


Mid-East Sialkot is a reliable source of musical instruments and accessories. Based in Sialkot we ship all kind of musical instruments and accessories worldwide. We offer you a vast selection of Drum heads and skins made from authentically sourced goatskins. Our finely treated goatskin drumheads provide you with clear quality and sound. Our product is made keeping in mind the longevity of the product and that suits your musical instrument.

All Sizes

In the first place, Mid-East Sialkot provides goatskin drum heads from the basic size of 10 inches to up to 42 inches. Moreover, with the perfect cutting and techniques, our Goatskin drum head is perfect for all size of drums. In fact, our drum can fit any size of the drum. Not to mention we provide you with a neat finish drum head to replace the old one. Our cheap and quick-fix solution is our finely crafted drum head skins.

Different Thickness Grades

Not only but also, we at Mid-East Sialkot understand the importance that different drums need drum heads that fit and meet their specific requirement. Moreover, some drums are beaten hard needing thick drum head and others require a light one. Furthermore, we provide you with the finest quality of drum heads with all kinds of thickness available.

You will find our drum heads durable and fitting your drums and you can be assured from Mid-East that you have:

  • All sizes available for the drums
  • Different thickness level
  • Reliable and durable product
  • Variable thickness grade

High-Quality Drum heads with Affordable Pricing

Not to mention, Mid-East Sialkot is a reputed wholesale retailer of musical instrument and accessories. You can trust us when it comes to the drum heads. Furthermore, our product is authentic and genuine and available at the very best affordable pricing. By using our drum head you can enjoy the best same feeling once again.

All sizes of drum heads are available at our store in Sialkot with the very best cheap price. These drum head skin produced by Mid-East Sialkot workers and technicians offer a nice punchy attack and a wonderful playback every time.

For further queries and information please contact our sales team at Mid-East. We at Mid-East thrive for customer satisfaction as the main priority. Our drum head skins offer a nice punch attack and sound every time you work on the drum.

The Mid-East Music Instrument Manufacturing Sialkot Heartland Banjo wonderful and beautiful is manufactured with a wonderful and beautiful mahogany surface. Furthermore, a traditional string gauge and a resonator.

Heartland Banjo Specifications

In the first place, the Mid East Banjo has a variety of Banjo. From 4 to 5 strings for standard tuning for the perfect option. Not to mention,  our 5 star Jazz Banjo is G-D-G-B-D while the 4 star has a perfect scale length of 26 to 28” with a C-G-B-D tuning. Moreover, the Heartland Banjo from us has a thin coated head which offers a nice tone with clarity and distinction.

Widely Used Heartland Banjo

Not only but also, Mid-East Banjo offers the best Banjo for a great audio sound and smooth playing. Moreover, the banjo produced by us is widely used in jazz country. Being the wholesale retailer of a wide range of musical instruments we always produce the fine and highest quality of Heartland banjo with a nickel stainless steel and bronze body.

Leading Musical Instrument Seller

Not to mention Mid-East Heartland banjos are the first and unique choice when it comes to highest quality and assurance. Moreover, the musical instrument is on offer with a reasonable and accessible price with a money-back guarantee.

Mid-East Sialkot is the leading whole retailer of musical instrument in Sialkot and around the world for many years. We deal with different types of musical instruments. We present you with different kind of Banjos based on the customer likeness and the best quality.

Professional Craft and Experience

Furthermore, the beautiful range of Banjo in the store will definitely attract you. It is crafted by our experienced and professional workers working hard to achieve the best quality of the instrument.

Moreover, the wide and largest collection of Banjo in the store is on offer to you at the most competitive pricing. Not to mention,  at our stores, you will find exceptional and great quality of musical instruments handcrafted professionally keeping in mind the taste of the music lovers.

Contact us

If you are a music lover and want to enjoy the best piece of musical instrument. Why waiting for contacts us now and gets the best banjo with a discount today. We offer after-sales service for the customers. All our instruments come with a 1-year warranty.

If you go back to some of the earlier music instruments, the Irish Flute stands out that has changed the shape of Ireland music for many centuries. Moreover, It is one of the most unique and old music instruments still played and loved.

Mid-East Sialkot Musical Instrument Manufacturing Sialkot offers you the highest quality of Irish Flute. Furthermore, our Irish Flute is the best choice for both the beginners and expert professional musicians.

Luxurious Flute

Mid-East Sialkot Irish Flute is a luxurious musical instrument with a perfect style pf D tune wood with a tuning side and a wood case. Moreover, it is equipped with Nylon case bundles.

Not to mention, we offer a customized Irish Flute crafted carefully by our experts from Rosewood which is a very professional high-quality option.

Wide Range of  Flutes

Mid-East Sialkot presents you with a wide range of well tunable Irish Flutes with the highest quality. You can browse through our website and have a look at some of the best Irish Flutes we have. We as the largest wholesaler and retailer of musical instruments in Sialkot offer the Irish Flute at very reasonable and competitive pricing.

Musical Masterpiece

If you are searching for the Irish Flute and you visit Mid-East store both in Sialkot and online. The flute is a musical masterpiece from Mid-East Sialkot for the music lovers. Our  Irish Flute is the only instruments which you will find all over the world loved by many people.

For our wooden crafted Flute, we are offering you a great discount and pricing. We feel proud that we are one of the few wholesale retailers that offer the Irish flutes and a lot of musical instruments at very competitive pricing.

Our musical instruments can always support and enhance your musical career. Moreover, if you are a music lover, and in love with the Flute, you can get the chance to buy our Irish Flute online and in-store. We deliver you the best quality of musical instruments with a 1-year warranty at the time of sale.

Help and Support

Mid-East Sialkot staff provides help and support to its valuable customers. If you need any kind of support and have queries you can directly contact our support representative. They are always there for you and happy to assist you.

For more information on our musical instruments, you can go through our website. Furthermore,  contact us via e-mail and we will be very happy to get back to you at the earliest.

Mid-East Sialkot Musical Instrument is a wholesale retailer and manufacturing musical classical lever harp in Sialkot. In the first place, it has a wide range of musical instruments ranging from the flute, drum. Furthermore, percussion, lever harp, and many more folk musical instruments. All things considered, our musical instruments are one of the finest pieces of musical instrument in the industry. Not only but also, have we offered the best handcrafted musical instruments at a very competitive and affordable price in the market.

Best Lever Harp

Not to mention, Mid-East Classical lever harp has sharpening levers on each string. Moreover, and is the best ideal choice for everybody. Furthermore, classical Lever harp by Mid-East Sialkot Musical Instrument and Manufacturing is built with the string tension and string spacing. Furthermore, that is a standard condition for the pedal harp.

All things considered, we provide the best classical lever harp at a normal and affordable price. Moreover, our classical harp has normally 34 to 36 strings after all. The Mid-East Sialkot classical lever harp is easy to use and best for the beginners. Moreover, as they do not have to fine-tune the strings as they have very few strings.

Special Edition Mid-East Lever Harp

Not only but also, keeping in mind the performance in the mind. Moreover, the romantic class lever harp special edition for the music lovers and enthusiasts. Moreover, a removable scalloped bronze finish crown and the matching on the feet complement the appearance. Furthermore, well-styled by our engineers with the finest elegance and style. All things considered, the special edition harp includes the same spacing and tension of the classical lever harp.

Not to mention, our special edition Mid East Lever harp is included with a cover and a tuning key with a 1-year limited warranty. It is available in a variety of colors as per the customer requirement and choice.


For more information on our musical instruments please feel free to get in touch with one of our executive at Mid-East Musical Instrument Manufacturing Sialkot.

We shall be very happy to assist to advice you on picking the best musical instruments as per your choice and requirement.