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Mid-East Sialkot is offering you the best and unique quality of the Boru Harp. Finely crafted and balanced by the Mid-East Sialkot musical engineers. Moreover, a large bottom crafted stand with a round shape of the arm. In fact, the angle of the thicker back arm is a masterpiece for the harp lovers.

Different Types of Wood

In the first place, the Boru Harp frame from Mid-East is available in different types of woods depending on the likeness of the customers from Walnut to rosewood.

Moreover,  the masterstroke 36 string Walnut Boru Harp is available to enjoy a higher number of strings and the best elegant music. Furthermore, the well crafted artistic design Boru harp from Mid-East will keep grounded firmly without any additional support.

Rosewood Boru Harp

Not to mention, the best 29 Strings Rosewood Heartland Boru Harp are the best options available and perfectly balanced for the professional harpists. In addition, The top Boru harp from Mid-East Sialkot offers you the best traditional quality with more pleasure.


Not only but also, if you are one of those seeking an alternative to the strings. You can most likely alternatively choose the basic 19 Strings, Boru Harp. Moreover, you can make yourself comfortable with the 22 Strings Boru Harp as well to enjoy the best sound of music in your ears.


In the first place, with each Boru Harp from Mid-East Sialkot, you get accessories such as a carry bag with the finest quality for extra care. Moreover, Your strings and frames are well protected by our finely crafted accessories made especially for the harps.

Wholesale Retailer of Musical Instruments

Not only but also, Mid-East Sialkot is a leading company in the wholesale retail of musical instruments around the world. Not to mention, all of the musical instruments manufactured and crafted at Mid-East Sialkot go through proper supervision and check of the musical engineers.

Moreover, we work closely with our musical technicians and enthusiasts to provide the best quality of musical instruments. Furthermore, for more information feel free to contact us for your queries at

Mid-East Musical Instrument Manufacturing Sialkot is proud to announce the five-string post-renaissance Baroque guitar. Moreover, the baroque guitar is a unique instrument and popular amongst the people around the world.

Best Quality

Each Mid-East Sialkot baroque has the best quality built for its customers. The guitar consists of 10 strings, a solid body, bridge, fingerboard and neck made from the finest rosewood and lacewood.

Not to mention the solid soundboard, nylon frets that are adjustable and moveable on the soundboard. The wonderful back of the guitar is from the finest blend of hardwood.

Easy Playability

In the first place, the nylon strings on the guitar are crafted in a unique way for a light tension and easily playability. Furthermore, The tuning in the baroque guitar may be different and vary upon the performance of the player.

Fantastic Guitar

Not only but also, each baroque guitar from Mid-East Sialkot is fantastic and a special instrument. Moreover, it comes with a beautiful bespoke 4 layer deep, parchment style rosette and hand-carved decorations. In addition,  each musical instrument from us comes with a padded bag and a spare unit of strings for the customers.

Leading Name and Innovation

Mid-East Musical Instruments Manufacturing Sialkot is a leading name of wholesale selling of the Baroque Guitar in Sialkot and around the globe. In fact, we have worked hard and diligently to gain the trust of our valuable customers. Not to mention,  we have made innovation possible using the best material and the best instruments available in our stores. Moreover, we are famous across the world.

Cost-Effective Rate

In the first place, we at Mid-East Sialkot offer the baroque guitar at the very best and cost-effective rate. Moreover, we assure you of the best quality, reliability, and durability of the musical instruments. Furthermore, we have a lot of folks and traditional and folk musical instruments at our store in Sialkot with exceptional quality.

Not only but also, we aim to provide the best piece of musical instruments to the beginners and professionals. Moreover, to love and spread the music lovers around the world. Furthermore, all instruments at Mid-East Sialkot carry a 1-year warranty with after-sales service at the time of the purchase.

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Mid-East Musical Instrument Manufacturing Sialkot is one of the tops and largest wholesale retailer of folk and traditional musical instruments in the world.  Moreover, a special instrument from Mid-East the Lute Ukulele is a small and compact acoustic instrument.


Furthermore, similar in size to a ukulele look and great charm of a lute. Not to mention the Mid-East Sialkot lute ukulele has 6 strings. It is one of the finest quality of musical instruments in the collection.

The lute ukulele is best and ideally suited for classical and fingerstyle music. The strings from Mid-East Sialkot are double attached for providing a rich balance of music. Moreover, it features six strings.

Sound and Quality

The Mid-East Sialkot lute ukulele features a high quality of soundboard with the famous rosette which is a favorite of many lute enthusiasts. Moreover, the back is the finest and highest quality in a traditional manner of walnut and lacewood. Not only but also, the neck and the pegbox is solid walnut featuring a cattle bone nut streamlined up to 37mm.

Wide Range

Not to mention, Mid-East Sialkot has a wide, best and extensive range of handcrafted lute ukuleles including left and right-handed combination. The best possible suggested tuning from Mid-East from high to low is A4, E4, E4, C4, C4, G4.

Case and String Set

Each Mid-east Sialkot  lute ukelele comes with a padded case and extra string set. For protection and service warranty a booklet is provided to the valuable customers. We value our customers and always bring the best effort to provide the customer with the best piece of musical instruments.

Order Online

Not to mention, now you have the option to choose and order online. The delivery of the instrument normally takes place from 7 to 15 days depending on the region. All our musical instruments come with a 1-year warranty and a money-back guarantee.

Mid-East Musical Instrument Manufacturing is a top leading wholesale retailer of musical instruments in Sialkot. The Kinnor Harp from Mid-East of the highest quality keeps up the highest ancient tradition of music. Moreover, we have known for the best quality of the highest string musical instruments.

Basic Structure

In the first place, the basic structure of the kinnor harp from Mid-East Sialkot consists of the wood with a set of music strings. We attach a stick like a chord to produce more sound with the great and highest quality. Moreover, Mid-East kinnor harp consists of 10-16 strings and played easily.

Not to mention, The Mid-East Sialkot kinnor harp is available in cedarwood and lacewood with steel pins. Furthermore, reliable and durable nylon strings depending on the choice of the customer.

A Great Addition

The kinnor harp produces sound beautifully and is a great addition for the music lover into its library. Moreover, It is for easy transportation and effectively and easily tuned. In addition, included with the Mid-East Sialkot Kinnor harp us a padded bag, a string set, and a tuning key for the customers. Not to mention, the kinnor harp is tuned in a similar fashion to a harp and can be tuned in different ways.

Best Musical Instrument

You can find the best pieces of Kinnor Harp at Mid-East Sialkot stores. Made up with the finest quality of materials and carefully handcrafted by our musical engineers we serve up to customer satisfaction. If you have an opportunity to visit our store feel free and have a try on one of our finest musical creation the Kinnor Harp.


With Mid-East Sialkot Musical Instruments Manufacturing you can get the delivery of the musical instruments at your doorstep. Normally it takes 1 week to 15 days to deliver depending on the region of delivery. We are a Pakistan based musical instrument wholesale dealer providing the best and highest quality of musical instruments around the globe. All our instruments are carefully done and packaged under high supervision of musical engineers.

For more information feel free to contact Mid-East Sialkot.

Bodhran Drum is the most famous musical instrument in Ireland and the rest of the world. Mid-East Musical Instruments Manufacturing Sialkot offers you a special pre-tuned Bodhran to enhance the musical journey.

No Need for Tuning

In the first place, Mid-East Sialkot offers the best and high quality pre-tuned Bodhran drums. Moreover,  that does not have to be tuned and will offer you great quality of bass and music.

Not only but also we offer a wide range of the most famous pre-tuned Bodhran drums in all sizes. Not to mention, the high quality 10” Bodhran from Mid-East is a liking and perfect for playing by music enthusiasts. Furthermore, due to its compact and lightweight profile.

Moreover, our Bodhran drum is from the finest quality of material with care and perfect technique by the musical engineers.

High-Quality Skin

In the first place, the Mid-East Sialkot Bodhran drum is done by using high-quality goat and cow skin. Moreover, it has a careful treatment with chemicals and goes through a high-end process to ensure quality, reliability, and durability. In addition, Mid-East Sialkot also provides you with the easy-grip inside-mounted wooden stripes that make it hold the drum easier.

Perfect Instrument

Pre-tuned Bodhran drum is the perfect musical instrument for music lovers. Not only but also, Our Bodhran drum has perfect quality and will not let you down. Furthermore, with its long-lasting ability and high quality of sound, it will create a musical vibe inside you overall.

Pricing and Warranty

Not to mention, all Mid-East Sialkot Bodhran drums come with a 1-year warranty and replaceable if not up to to the highest standard of the customers. Moreover, Mid-East is the largest wholesale retailer of traditional and folk musical instruments all over the world. In addition, the instruments at Mid-East Sialkot are offered on very competitive pricing keeping in mind the music lovers.


For more information on Mid-East Sialkot highest quality of Bodhran Drums feel free to contact us. Our customer support team will be happy to assist you with your queries and provide the best information available.