The Arabic oud comes from the Arabic music tradition and is famous throughout the Middle East and Europe. Mid-East Sialkot offers you the Arabic Oud at its wholesale store and online store.

Shape and Quality

Mid-East Sialkot is presenting you with the highest quality of Arabic Oud made carefully by the finest music craftsmen. Not only but also, we are the largest producer and wholesale retailer of musical instruments in Sialkot Pakistan. Not to mention, our Arabic Oud is a pear-shaped made of wooden staves. Moreover, the back of the oud is like a fine teardrop bowl bottom. It has 11 strings. Furthermore, 10 strings are finely paired together and the lowest string remains single. Not to mention, made from one of the highest quality of nylon it has 6 rectified and 5 wound strings.

Wood and Sound

The Mid-East Sialkot Oud sound is unique vibrating in the hollow body. It is finely made of the rounded back, which is enclosed with the highest quality of soundboard. Moreover, the backside is made of 15-25 strips of the highest wood.

Distinctive Features

Not to mention, the Mid-East Sialkot Arabic Oud has two distinctive features. One is its pear-shaped body and the second one is its fretless neck. Furthermore, The body of the instrument has 1-3 sound holes which are decorated. Moreover, our Arabic oud creates a fine tone and we recommend you to have a try at our stores.

Best Price

Mid-East Sialkot is offering the Arabic Oud in its store and online on the best competitive pricing with the best quality. We are the largest Arabic Oud instrument seller on wholesale for so many years. We offer the best musical instrument with the highest quality. Moreover, most of our musical instruments are a handcrafted and unique piece of art giving the best music. All our musical instruments are authentic and genuine and tested up to the highest standard.

Money-Back Guarantee

Mid-East Sialkot offers and 1-year money-back guarantee. Each of our Oud comes with a unique bag and string set. Mid-East Sialkot Oud is the finest and ultimate choice for music lovers when it comes to playing Arabic music.

For more information on our musical instruments please visit our store and we shall help you with picking up the finest piece of musical instrument. Moreover, you can get in touch with us on the e-mail and we shall get back to you shortly.