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Mid-East Sialkot Musical Instruments Manufacturing offers a variety of high-quality guitar for sale for the music lovers. Furthermore, you can find a wide range of variety of guitars that are manufactured from the best wood and strings as per the customer requirement.

Moreover, a normal guitar from Mid-East Sialkot is composed of a particular shape a soundboard and finely made strings. Not to mention, Our screw and the sound base determine the quality of the guitar. Furthermore, you can find a conventional and electric guitar at the store of Mid-East.

High-Quality Guitars

If you are a music lover and looking for great quality of guitar on sale. Mid-East is the most reliable and trustworthy wholesale retailer of the guitar all over the globe. We give our customers the opportunity to have the best variety of guitars including elegant, baroque, acoustic and bass guitars. Moreover, our acoustic guitar on offer is a great starting point for music learners.

Not to mention, We offer only the best and highest quality of guitars to our customers worldwide. Furthermore, Mid-East Sialkot guitars are the No 1 choice of music professionals.  In the first place,  you can trust Mid-East as your choice for traditional, folk and modern musical instruments.

Easily Accessible

In the first place, Our Sialkot office is easily accessible. You can visit our store and try the guitar at our store at any time. Not to mention, we deliver all over the world with effective, efficient and secure shipping. Furthermore, you can easily order through our online store and get the guitar at the best introductory pricing. Moreover, our guitar consists of pure quality of natural wood and high-quality strings and screws for durability and reliability.

Quality and Pricing

Mid-East Sialkot offers the highest quality of guitar at very competitive pricing. We deal with and manufacture high-quality musical instruments. You can assure that you can always find the best piece of guitar collection.

Our store in Sialkot is full of a variety of preferable guitars whether it’s for personal or professional use. We at Mid-East Sialkot have a wide range of Baroque guitars, Acoustic Guitars, Bass Guitar and the Roman guitar.

Competitive Pricing

Mid-East Sialkot prices are very competitive and reasonable. Moreover, you can have the best and different sizes and shapes of guitars. You can easily select the best guitar for yourself with the help of our musical experts’ team. They guide you in a friendly way of choosing the best reputable guitar of the time.

Visit us

Mid-Eas Sialkot invites it valuable customers to have a first look and try one of the finest guitars. Different sizes of the best hand made guitars are available for sale at our store in Sialkot, All our musical instruments are carefully handcrafted and provide you with 100% satisfaction.

You can always visit our Main Sialkot Store today to get and avail the best offer available on the guitars. Mid-East Sialkot is the best provider of musical instruments all over the world.

The best and most wonderful adaptation of the Greek Bouzouki is the Irish Bouzouki. Mid-East Sialkot offers the best quality of the traditional Irish Bouzouki.

Top Quality Irish Bouzouki

Not to mention, our top quality Bouzouki is fitted with a solid top that enables the musician to produce extraordinary sound. Moreover, with a wide range and choices of material for the frame and strings. Mid-East has the unique and retails the best Irish Bouzouki in Germany.

Trust and Reliability

Mid-East Sialkot Musical Instruments is the most trusted and reliable retailer of Irish Bouzouki with different kind of material and features. Our Bouzouki comes with:

  • Unique and different material soundboard for traditional tone.
  • Celtic representative design
  • Customized and highest tone adjustment with a moveable bridge
  • Preferred Materials in fingerboards for the custom tones

Custom made Irish Bouzouki

Furthermore, the custom made Irish Bouzouki from Mid-East Sialkot has 8 strings, a wonderful combination of nickel and steel. Not only but also, the custom fitting enables to produce high quality of sound that you expect.

In addition, the highest and finest quality of wood is used with the best quality of material for the strings enabling us to produce a delicate and high quality of Irish Bouzouki.

Top Quality

Not only but also, we are offering top and the best quality of Irish Bouzouki with a 30-day money-back guarantee to our clients in case anything goes wrong. Furthermore, the traditional Irish Bouzouki with 8 strings is available at Mod-East Sialkot at a very competitive and reasonable price.

In fact, it is the best source of beautiful music for music lovers and it can create an impressive effect.

Musical Company

 All things considered, Mid-East Sialkot is a leading musical instrument wholesale retailer around the world. Moreover, we have maintained a good and nice reputation in the music industry by providing the best and highest quality of musical instruments to our customers.


 Not to mention, you can visit our store and look at some of the best and finest pieces of musical instrument available. Moreover, you can have a try at the instrument before you make your first purchase. In the first place, all of our musical instruments are genuine and authentic with the highest quality.

For more information and pricing on the best Irish Bouzouki, you can directly get in touch with one of our sales representatives. We shall be very happy in providing the exact details on your choice of Irish Bouzouki.

Mid-East Musical Instruments  Manufacturing Sialkot is offering Mandolin lute family of musical instrument. In the first place, It is a unique instrument with a different and beautiful sound.

Mid-East Mandolin

Not to mention, the Mid-East Sialkot Mandolin has four courses of doubled metal strings tuned finely. Furthermore,  Mid-East in Sialkot offers the best and highest quality of pro versions of the Mandolin at very affordable prices.

Not only but also, our Mandolin is the best choice with a traditional look. It is manufactured using high quality of woods and durable and reliable strings, Furthermore, the top tuning keys of Mid-East mandolin are easily adjustable for operation and its functionality.

Pleasing Colors

Moreover, our Mandolin comes in pleasing wood colors and high crafted artistic design. Not to mention, it is a special piece of folk, classical and instrumental music for the lovers of music. Furthermore, it gives you rhythmic tunes that will fill your ears with sound music and enjoy the best sound.

Competitive Pricing

Not to mention, with the best competitive pricing on the Irish handmade Mandolin, from Mid East you get the best value for money. Moreover, it is specially handcrafted at our store in Sialkot. People prefer to use the Mid-East Mandolin all over. It looks familiar to the guitar but the sound and melody for our customers is great.

Best Quality

Mid-East Sialkot is offering the best Mandolin without compromising on the quality. Moreover, we are one of the leading company and wholesale retailer of the best musical instruments. Music lovers always want the best handcrafted musical instruments with the highest quality.

We understand the value for folk and traditional musical instruments by our customers and always provide them with the best piece of instrument.


In the first place, It is a high recommendation to visit the Mid-East Sialkot store. Moreover,  where you will be able to get the highest quality and variety of musical instruments. Furthermore, our Mandolin is on offer for sale these days for our valuable and special clients. Visit our website to look on for any updates, changes and new arrivals of the best piece of musical instrument.


The Arabic oud comes from the Arabic music tradition and is famous throughout the Middle East and Europe. Mid-East Sialkot offers you the Arabic Oud at its wholesale store and online store.

Shape and Quality

Mid-East Sialkot is presenting you with the highest quality of Arabic Oud made carefully by the finest music craftsmen. Not only but also, we are the largest producer and wholesale retailer of musical instruments in Sialkot Pakistan. Not to mention, our Arabic Oud is a pear-shaped made of wooden staves. Moreover, the back of the oud is like a fine teardrop bowl bottom. It has 11 strings. Furthermore, 10 strings are finely paired together and the lowest string remains single. Not to mention, made from one of the highest quality of nylon it has 6 rectified and 5 wound strings.

Wood and Sound

The Mid-East Sialkot Oud sound is unique vibrating in the hollow body. It is finely made of the rounded back, which is enclosed with the highest quality of soundboard. Moreover, the backside is made of 15-25 strips of the highest wood.

Distinctive Features

Not to mention, the Mid-East Sialkot Arabic Oud has two distinctive features. One is its pear-shaped body and the second one is its fretless neck. Furthermore, The body of the instrument has 1-3 sound holes which are decorated. Moreover, our Arabic oud creates a fine tone and we recommend you to have a try at our stores.

Best Price

Mid-East Sialkot is offering the Arabic Oud in its store and online on the best competitive pricing with the best quality. We are the largest Arabic Oud instrument seller on wholesale for so many years. We offer the best musical instrument with the highest quality. Moreover, most of our musical instruments are a handcrafted and unique piece of art giving the best music. All our musical instruments are authentic and genuine and tested up to the highest standard.

Money-Back Guarantee

Mid-East Sialkot offers and 1-year money-back guarantee. Each of our Oud comes with a unique bag and string set. Mid-East Sialkot Oud is the finest and ultimate choice for music lovers when it comes to playing Arabic music.

For more information on our musical instruments please visit our store and we shall help you with picking up the finest piece of musical instrument. Moreover, you can get in touch with us on the e-mail and we shall get back to you shortly.

Mid-East Sialkot presents to you with the Lute Harp. It is different from the other harp string instruments. Moreover, Mid-East Sialkot lute harp is the best combination of the guitar and the harp.


In the first place,  the lute harp has a traditional base like the harp and a full body to place it firmly. Not only but also, our lute harp has the music of the earlier form of guitar and the strings are finely attached with the base.

Highest Quality

Mid-East Sialkot is offering the highest and the best quality of lute harp that is built from the finest quality of wooden materials. Furthermore, the strings have a unique beauty and provide you with a combination of a lute and the harp.

Not to mention, our high-quality lute harp is as good as it sounds with the elegant movement of the strings made uniquely by our craftsmen. Moreover, we at Mid-East Sialkot make every possible effort to preserve the true Irish history of the music instrument.

Piece of Art

Furthermore, Mid-East Sialkot lute harp is a piece of fine art. With 22 strings and the finest quality of chosen rosewood. Moreover, we present you with the highest quality of traditional and folk musical instrument at Mid-East Sialkot. We are one of the largest wholesale retailer and dealer of all kinds of musical instrument in Sialkot Pakistan. Made from the true natural woods and customizable colors and the finest design the lute harp is the best from Mid-East available in the market.


The Lute harp is available at very distinctive and affordable pricing at our stores. Moreover, you can order it online and we shall deliver it at your doorstep around the globe. For a look at your favorite lute harp, you can visit our stores and browse through the website.

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For more information on the lute harp and the other musical instrument, you can directly contact us through the telephone and e-mail. Our friendly staff shall be happy to answer and assist in any of your queries.